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February 25 2015

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Spectral Capital Stock 

Spectral Capital Investment looks for technology that can be protected by issuing patents or utilizing laws that support trade secrets. The company emphasizes the identification and acquisition of technology that can change the way that business is done in industries that are already thriving. Eventually the company wishes to purchase other firms who have management officers that can take advantage of strong existing networks and use Spectral Capital's own experience to benefit their business plans.

There are a variety of areas of principal competence in the field of technology development. Certain firms focus on the aggressive development of portfolios that are loaded with intellectual property they can license out. These firms will eventually also potentially profit from litigation, but other firms intend to attract profits by commercializing their patents and making money through advertising. Development and commercialization of technology products is an extremely complex field. Fortunately, Spectral Capital Stock has a clear focus on information technology.

All companies that are in the business of developing high-impact technology portfolios have to lower the risk profile of the commercialization of particular technologies to spur on growth, and fortunately FCCN Investment has done just that.

Our firm has a surplus of management expertise that remains focus on the media and analytics fields, and our personnel have the ability to find and then close transactions quickly. A great deal of technology is priced incorrectly when ultimate economic potential is considered, and there are many challenges that early-stage technology companies face. Many of them are unable to find human resources to staff them, and others are caught in a serious cash crunch. Spectral Capital thrives in this environment by looking for great new technology and then either investing or acquiring it with future ultimate growth potential in mind.

Our business model differs from the ones used by companies with gigantic capital reserves. Those firms have a tendency to select technology sectors that they can then flood with as many funds and people as they have. Spectral Capital has a much more focused approach than this, and we only develop technological resources that our experts feel has the opportunity to fit with our level of expertise as well as the limited investment capital that we have to work with. We don't develop technology that requires huge investments in the marketing field, but intend focus on those things that can ultimately sell themselves.

The Spectral Capital portofolio is currently made up of a trio of technology companies, and these are Monitr, Kontexto and Noot.

Noot is both the name of a mobile technology firm and the proprietary search technology that they developed. The Noot technology helps users to find social media posts, news, video and photos that might match what they're interested in. Over time the technology can learn what sorts of things that users like, and it can therefore improve the results that it offers to provide rather personalized information for the user who has the software installed on their mobile device. Unlike other search technologies, Noot continues to work even when the user is not actually looking for anything. It will continue to seek out relevant items without giving the user and prompts, and then return more personalized information during the next search that the user initiates.

Kontext was originally founded in 2009. It's a technology firm that developed software and services that can analyze and present streaming real time data in a way that's useful for large institutions. The firm developed and now markets a product called publishflow (TM), which is based on their original analysis platform. It provides a variety of data capture and visualization options for certain types of clients. The largest government and corporate trade organization in the UK had awarded them an exceptional potential title, and the company has some of the biggest names in publishing working with them. Groups like Bell Media, Getty Images, Abu Dhabi Media and The Daily Mail work with Kontexto on a daily basis.

Monitr is a growth company that is in the process of developing technology that can help people to analyze and discuss news and topics in the financial sector. The product scope will more than likely be altered when it gets time to launch it, though the company still looks quite strong overall for the present time.

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